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At the Capitol

A crisp autumn evening. Winter is coming, but not quite here. Leaves are golden, and the National Mall is quiet. Looking out across the Reflecting Pool, the dome is lights up the night sky. Many windows still show signs of life and light. What are those legislators up to this Tuesday evening?

VignettesMark TegethoffDC
Embassy Row

It's amazing how peaceful and serene DC can look and feel early on a Saturday morning. It's a fleeting feeling often difficult to find in other major US cities.

VignettesMark TegethoffDC
Blue Hour from the Netherlands Carillon

Last night was one of this year's opportunities to shoot the Harvest Moon in DC. Unfortunately, our view of moonrise was obscured by clouds. Despite missing out the intended shot, I was instead able to take advantage of some really nice light post-sunset.

A long-ish exposure of the Lincoln Memorial, base of the Washington Monument, and U.S. Capitol Building.

Lunchtime in the Windy City

Punch the clock. Open the door. Take advantage of your time. See the sights. Lose yourself for a moment. Doze off. Breathe.

When I'm in a new city (whether on vacation or otherwise), I do my best to walk everwhere I go. Even just a brief escape during lunch hour can reveal the unique personality and rhythm of that place.

Chicago Commute

A beehive filling up with commuters. A floating lift awaits its crew. A taxi passes on the river. An archway breaks up the verticle class panels. A worker leans over the rail, lifing his feed from the ground. A bridge raises, awaiting a passing vessel. Morning coffee on the street. A dark passage beneath the train.