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Why I Love this Wedding Picture

I'm not a wedding photographer, but this photograph encapsulates what I love about photography: finding a unique moment in someone's life journey, and freezing it forever. Life's memories or precious, and while today its easy to move on to the next moment, tomorrow's reflection will be all that more enjoyable when you can hold a bit of history in your hands.

I stumbled upon Kevin Mullins's work sometime in the last year, and make sure to check out all of his new posts. The way he takes his subject matter (weddings & families), and figures out a way to make each story unique is inspiring. In addtion to his great wedding work, his Day in the Life shoots are an inspiration, and somewhere I'd eventually like to get to with some of my clients.

At the Capitol

A crisp autumn evening. Winter is coming, but not quite here. Leaves are golden, and the National Mall is quiet. Looking out across the Reflecting Pool, the dome is lights up the night sky. Many windows still show signs of life and light. What are those legislators up to this Tuesday evening?

VignettesMark TegethoffDC
An ode to ten years of iPhone design

Like many others, I was delighted to receive my iPhone X last week. Playing with it, I was amazed by the stunning screen, the sheer manufacturing precision and the smooth gestural interface.

I was also struck by how far it has come.

10 years of steady evolution equals a revolutionary change. Great job by Sebastiaan de With, detailing the journey.

I've personally gone with the 8 Plus this year, but damn if the iPhone X isn't an incredible piece of hardware.

Embassy Row

It's amazing how peaceful and serene DC can look and feel early on a Saturday morning. It's a fleeting feeling often difficult to find in other major US cities.

VignettesMark TegethoffDC