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Editing Color by Sean Tucker

As a photographer that often uses post-processing to complete an image or create consistency across a set of images, I found this video to be a great little intro bending curves and tweaking colors.

Sean Tucker creates some fantastic images, and has a signature look to his photography that I'd asipre to have one day in my own work. Spending time in the Curves & Channels modules in Lightroom (or Darkroom on my iPhone) has always been hit or miss for me, and I've often leaned heavily on presets to bring consistency to my work. This recently published video has become a bit of an inspiration for me to attempt creating a more original aesthetic for my images:

That said, I've often been asked what "presets" or "filters" I use on my images. Truthfully, I use quite a few different looks to create my images. I do, however, try to find a specific look to fit a mood or tone I'd like a set of images to have. This look often varies from set to set. I've used Lightroom presets from Rebecca Lily, VSCO, and Nate Photographic (just to name a few), as starting points for different image sets over the last few years. I've also spent quite a bit of time in Priime and VSCO over the last few years on my iPhone.

With this extra little bit of inspriation, I hope to spend a little less time with these other tools (these are all great tools though, and I'd recommend all of them), and a little more time with tools of my own making in the coming months.