At the Capitol.

A crisp autumn evening. Winter is coming, but not quite here. Leaves are golden, and the National Mall is quiet. Looking out across the Reflecting Pool, the dome is lights up the night sky. Many windows still show signs of life and light. What are those legislators up to this Tuesday evening?

An ode to ten years of iPhone design

Like many others, I was delighted to receive my iPhone X last week. Playing with it, I was amazed by the stunning screen, the sheer manufacturing precision and the smooth gestural interface.

I was also struck by how far it has come.

10 years of steady evolution equals a revolutionary change. Great job by Sebastiaan de With, detailing the journey.

I've personally gone with the 8 Plus this year, but damn if the iPhone X isn't an incredible piece of hardware.

Embassy Row

It's amazing how peaceful and serene DC can look and feel early on a Saturday morning. It's a fleeting feeling often difficult to find in other major US cities.

Radiohead 'In Rainbows' Turns 10 - Stereogum

There are days when In Rainbows feels like the best Radiohead album. It’s definitely in contention with 1995’s The Bends as the band’s most approachable, compulsively listenable release — the one you can just put on and enjoy without turning it into a full-blown immersive experience, the one that will meet you wherever you’re at and be beautiful in your presence.

I remember Radiohead being a band that I actively disliked. I remember thinking that their music was not for me. I remember foolishly deciding without much (nay, any) actual listening that Thom Yorke was full of 'it', and I wanted nothing to do with his band. I remember In Rainbows being dropped into the world unexpectedly, and me volunteering to pay $15 for music that I didn't think I wanted to hear because I liked the idea of their experiment.

I fell in love with this set of songs.

Radiohead are now a band whose faces are clearly chiseled onto my music 'Mount Rushmore'. When I began collecting vinyl a couple of years ago, I made sure that In Rainbows was at the top of my wishlists, and one of the first in my collection.

I still love this set of songs.