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Super Blood Wolf Moon

I’m far from the first person in history to find the moon to be an interesting subject but there’s something fascinating about the earth’s baby sister rock, that circles our existence, lights up our nights, and follows our journeys around the sun. Whether the day has been a good one, a bad one, or one that falls somewhere in-between, it’s always there. There’s something comforting about that consistency.

That’s probably why, when Earth began to pass between the sun and our moon on the evening that connected the days of January 20 and 21, I ran upstairs (much to Lauren’s surprise), grabbed my gear, and found myself out in my neighborhood’s parking lot setting up a tripod with quickly numbing fingers.

I took a few test shots at varying focal lengths, played with exposure settings to varying degrees of success, and ultimately snapped a few frames in hopes that one or two might turn out.