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Major Changes for Lightroom

Like many photographers, I use Adobe's Lightroom to organize & edit my images. Earlier this week, Adobe announced some large changes to Lightroom going forward:

  • A completely new version of Lightroom CC was released. This new application is more of a service, which will enable cloud-based access and editing of an entire library across all your devices.
  • This new Lightroom is most definitely a version 1.0. It lacks a great many features from the previous versions of Lightroom. It does, however, come with what appears to be an improved and simplified interface, and much-needed performance improvements.
  • The traditional desktop-based Lightroom software has been renamed Lightroom Classic CC. Adobe also released performance and tooling updates to this software, as well as made a commitment to continuing development (for now).

What does this all mean? For me and for now, I'm not quite sure, but this certainly could be the beginning of a major shift for many photographers, both professional and hobbyist.