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Radiohead 'In Rainbows' Turns 10 - Stereogum

There are days when In Rainbows feels like the best Radiohead album. It’s definitely in contention with 1995’s The Bends as the band’s most approachable, compulsively listenable release — the one you can just put on and enjoy without turning it into a full-blown immersive experience, the one that will meet you wherever you’re at and be beautiful in your presence.

I remember Radiohead being a band that I actively disliked. I remember thinking that their music was not for me. I remember foolishly deciding without much (nay, any) actual listening that Thom Yorke was full of 'it', and I wanted nothing to do with his band. I remember In Rainbows being dropped into the world unexpectedly, and me volunteering to pay $15 for music that I didn't think I wanted to hear because I liked the idea of their experiment.

I fell in love with this set of songs.

Radiohead are now a band whose faces are clearly chiseled onto my music 'Mount Rushmore'. When I began collecting vinyl a couple of years ago, I made sure that In Rainbows was at the top of my wishlists, and one of the first in my collection.

I still love this set of songs.

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