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Not Another Review

What would it take to convince you?

That is how Marius Masalar begins his Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II review. He does not go on to spend the next 1,800+ words simply telling us what makes the camera great, or where it might have warts. He does certainly does those things (and the informative bullet points probably do in fact make of the majority of his words), but its his images that convince. Marius tells us a story with his fantastic images about the kind of tool this camera can be when put into a talented photographer's hands.

He ostensibly calls this piece a review, and it certainly has many elements of that, but ultimately it is a love letter to a camera that, for the moment at least, has become a trusted tool.

Marius ends with this:

I’m done chasing the best camera. The "best camera” only makes the best photographs in the right hands, and as long as the camera’s capabilities exceed my own, I haven’t earned the right to upgrade. For at least this year, I’m happily settling down to master the tools I already have.

I don’t want better gear, I want better photographs. And that part is on me to accomplish.

As a photographer, who has thought many times about trying to express my own choice of the E-M1 Mark II (but this could certainly apply to any other camera or system that truly works for its owner), I couldn't and won't try to say it any better.