The Sean Flynn Leica M2

This is Sean Flynn’s Leica M2, with a Steel Rim Leica 35mm Summilux and a strap that was hand fashioned from a parachute cord and a hand grenade pin.

One of the reasons that makes this camera so special is that we absolutely know where it has been, who it belonged to and what it has been doing. How do we know this? Because the camera has been doing nothing, absolutely nothing. This camera has been tucked away in a dark corner for more than 30 years. But recently the family finally decided that a new home should be found for it, which is when they found me.

What a story.

New Instagram Algorithm Changes in January 2018

Peggy Dean at The Pigeon Letters:

As you probably know, Instagram's algorithm is a nearly unsolvable puzzle and right when we think we've solved it, it changes again. Staying in the loop is harder than ever, as many changes are no longer being regularly announced on Instagram's blog, but rather just being updated in a buried folder in their Help Center. There's some good and bad with these changes. How people interpret these changes is to each their own.

I generally tend to use Instagram as a personal tool for insipiration and fun. I have, however, casually wondered why some posts seem to reach more followers and deliver more engagement than others, this is fascinating.


Using an iPad for photography workflows

The iPad is a unique workspace for editing photos. It takes the tactile immediacy of something like a Cintiq tablet and unshackles it from a desktop editing environment.

You can directly manipulate items on screen, make precise adjustments with the Apple Pencil, and do it all from the comfort of your couch, the seat of an airplane on the way to your next shoot, or wherever life takes you.

iOS 11 brought some really great improvements to iOS, and specifically to the iPad. This guide from Marius Masalar (@mostlymarius) on the Sweet Setup on what works, what doesn't, and how he does it, is a great resource.

Tank Man

You know the photo. We all know the photo. This is the story behind it.

I can't even imagine what the life of a field photographer must be like. Thanks to Jeff for sharing this story with the world.